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Division 1 – Draws Teams and Results

Welcome to the 2019 Club Competition.

This year we have gone back to mixed teams mostly just due to the number of entries.

Teams are set out below, please note we may have to move a few people around just to rebalance the teams, based on:

1/ results (we want an even competition)

2/ additions, we will try to add people as they join in and keep the teams even

3/ withdrawals, every year we have people drop out, this may also force us to rebalance the teams.

The teams were chosen by each captain, 1 player at a time draft style.

If one team looks stacked, blame the other captains for not choosing those players. Believe it or not Ra was 4th to choose and was the first one to pick a goalie as their first round choice (hence he got Matt!!).

FORMAT: DOUBLE Round robin and finals
7 minute quarters with stop & shot clock
1 Minute 1st&3rd quarter break, 2 minute half time
Tied teams from RR will be split via FINA rules
Draws in Semis and Finals will be decided with penalties
Games played under new (2019) FINA rules – Click here for summary