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2018 is a big year for Waikato Waterpolo as our teams have 2 major tournaments to attend – Pan Pacific Games and Age Group Nationals. We have also made some changes in the club with 2 head coaches to be appointed (1 boys and 1 girls). Ra (boys) and James (girls) are currently acting in these roles while we finalise the position details, advertise, interview and appoint the final Head Coaches. The Head Coaches will also form our technical committee who will be responsible for individual team coach appointments.All general training will be carried out as squads. Teams will be formed and specific coaches for events appointed as events/player numbers dictate. Jimmy (girls) and Ra (boys) will lead the training sessions, assisted by the wider group of team coaches and guest coaches each night.

Swim4Polo and Tuesday/Thursday morning trainings (and, for now, individual team trainings) have been replaced with 2 squad sessions (split by gender and age) and a 3rd general games session on a Sunday (replacing the traditional term 2 club competition). This will amount to 4-5 hours of specific training per week and we would expect individuals to add 2-3 hours of their own training on top of this (7-8 hours total training per week). From the athletes training in these sessions we will select our club based age group teams to compete for Waikato Waterpolo at Tournaments and National events.

All players wishing to be considered for teams to go to National events must be registered with Waikato Waterpolo (we will take care of the NZWP registration for you).

Click the following link to register:

If you are unsure whether you have already registered, just register again, we will find and remove the duplicate registration if necessary (better than having no registration). Only registered players will receive the emails about training changes and Sunday Games (dates, times, and what the game format is).

Our training fee this year is $225 per person, which is a $5 increase on last year ($100 WWP and $120 Swim4Polo).

All training for term 2 is at St Peters School just before Cambridge. We know this can create challenges for transport, so please try to team up and carpool/help each other. Please contact us if transport is an issue and we may be able to help find a carpool arrangement to get you to and from the trainings.

The training schedules (beginning Monday April 30) are as follows:

Monday nights:
U14’s 7 till 9 (in the water 7:30)
U16/18’s 7:30 till 9:30
Wednesday nights:
U14’s 6:30 till 8:30 (7in the Pool)
U16’s 7 till 9
U18’s 7:30 till 9:30
Tuesday Nights:
U14 Boys 6:30 till 8:00pm
U16’s, U18’s U20 and National League 7:30-9:30
Thursday Nights;
U14 Boys 6:30 till 8:00pm
U16’s, U18’s U20 and National League 7:30-9:30
PROPOSED (i.e. yet to be confirmed) Sunday 11:00 – 1:00 – Game Day – U14-U18, both genders.This information will be mailed to registered players as soon as its confirmed.


  • You should try to arrive 15 minutes early to help with pool setup and plan for 10 minutes at the end to help with pool pack up (many hands make light work).
  • The overlapped squad times are because one group will swim while the other group finishes their deep water training.
  • Some players may be moved between groups to balance numbers or to stretch them, we will consult with parents on an individual basis if this occurs.
  • If you cannot make specific times/dates please see us to see if we can find a mutual arrangement to provide sufficient training rather than withdrawing or self moving.
  • While the sessions are aimed at genders, BOTH boys and girls will be welcomed to ANY/ALL sessions if the times for your own gender cannot be made to work. The only difference will be the focus at boys sessions will be boys specific i.e. girls will be expected to participate in the boys program, not have anything tailored to their needs.They must commit to participating fully. Likewise, the girls sessions will be tailored to the needs of our girls. Boys may attend but are not to disrupt and must remember that at these ages they are often stronger than girls, therefore they should moderate their tackles, throws, passes and shots at goal to suit the group they are training with.
  • It is possible that we will have a swim lane available some nights for club members and associates who wish to increase their fitness.
  • It is VERY likely to be cold wet and miserable at these sessions. Please dress appropriately. We are trying to arrange to have the social room in the North/West corner open to provide shelter and warmth (and even coffee/tea for a gold coin donation).

These times will be reviewed in 2 weeks to ensure they are meeting the majority of needs.