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Team Selection Policy

The purpose of this document is to provide a clear policy and direction to all Waikato Water Polo Club stakeholders on representative team selections.


WWP stakeholders include but are not limited to:

  • Players
  • Parents/Guardians of players
  • Coaches
  • Managers
  • Age Grade Coordinators

Through the adoption of this policy, the Club is able to provide a consistent policy and set consistent expectations amongst the WWP stakeholders. The WWP Committee appoint the Technical Sub-committee. The Technical Sub-committee appoints the coaches for each age grade.


  • All players making themselves available for team selection must be financial members of Waikato Water Polo Club for the current financial year.
  • Team selections are initially the sole responsibility of the age grade head coach and their coaching team. (All proposed team lists are to be ratified by the WWP Technical Committee)
  • Decisions of team selection shall be final
  • Pool time in a game is the sole responsibility of the team coach
  • Players who accept selection in an A team may not get equal pool time
  • B teams will have a development focus
  • If there is a B team in any age group, players may opt to play for the B team in order to gain more pool time
  • All players should get pool time during an event
  • Under 12 teams will all have a development focus, although the focus may change in play-off stages in a tournament.
  • Teams may be reselected between various tournaments and National Championships
  • Team focus may change at National tournaments or play-offs in regional competitions
  • Coaches may decide not to play their strongest players in an effort to develop other players
  • Coaches/coordinators/managers will endeavour to set expectations where relevant for players ahead of the competition or tournament
  • For national tournaments, coaches will select a maximum of 13 players per team based on player skill, ability, attitude, potential and availability.
  • The team strategy for the tournament and the opposition teams will be taken into account.
  • Internal discussions on team selection between the Club Head Coach, team coach, team management and the WWP Committee shall remain confidential