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Recently Waikato Water Polo invited its members to design our new togs. The current design has been in use for over 10 years and has changed little as we have moved between various suppliers. As we now have low stocks of our current togs the committee felt it was an opportune time to review the design and see if there was a fresher design out there.

Changing the design of the togs will not mean everybody has to buy new togs. The current togs will remain part of our official uniform and only new member’s or members needing/wanting to purchase new togs, will buy any new design. All others can continue to wear the previous designs until they wear out/grow out of them. This will mean mixed tog brands/styles/designs may be seen at events as members slowly migrate over the next few years.

Thank you to all the members who submitted designs, we have chosen our top 4 designs for all members to vote on.
  • Terms and Conditions

    Very shortly you will be shown 4 designs for togs. Each design has Boys/Men's togs (front and back) and Girls/Womens togs (again front and back). You are asked simply to vote for your preferred set of togs. You will also be given a comment field where you can give us feedback (constructive). However, before that, we have to set some ground rules.
  • The togs being designed here will be purchased and worn by members of our Age Group Teams participating in Regional and National competitions as representatives of the Waikato Water Polo Club. If you are NOT a member you are not entitled to vote. All 2021 Waterpolo players who have registered for ANY Waikato Age Group teams are Club MEMBERS and ARE entitled to a vote, plus the parents and caregivers (bill payers) of those registered players are also Club MEMBERS and are also ENTITLED to 1 vote each.
  • The Waikato Waterpolo committee will use the votes to guide its selection of new togs for its members. WWP reserves the right to alter the final design to ensure it meets WWP branding guidelines, this may include combining designs or elements of designs to ensure the design represents all its members.
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