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Campbell Cup

Waikato Water Polo Club Social Leagues

The Waikato Water Polo Club Competition (Campbell Cup) is a competition designed to increase the skill level and relationships within the club. The competition was established to have a platform for players to continue playing Water Polo post school.

The fee for the competition across all 3 divisions is $100pp (MoD-Ball will be $50pp), with this cost covering pool space, entry and equipment as well as referee and coaching costs. The competition runs across Term 2, split into three divisions encompassing players of all skill levels. All registered players are split into even teams across the three divisions. These teams are all designated a club coach who works with them throughout the competition.

The muster nights for this year are to be confirmed.

During muster nights, players will be introduced to teammates and coaches and play some warm up games.

PLEASE NOTE: Coronavirus. As with 2020 the club will continue to monitor the situation very carefully and make any calls necessary to keep players as safe as possible, including canceling the competition.

Campbell Cup Competition Entries 2022

Term 2 Club Social League. If you wish to be placed in a team to play in this fun series of games, please register here. Registrations will cost $100pp for the term.
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Division Descriptions:

Division 3: Beginner and Intermediate Level Players – This division plays on a Sunday afternoon and runs primarily with years 6 – 8 level players.

Division 2: This division is aimed towards players in Junior High School. This Division will also play on a Sunday afternoon.

Division 1 Men & Women’s Divisions: These divisions are for players who are playing at Senior High School level and those who are no longer attending school who wish to continue playing the sport.

MoD-Ball – Our experimental league for parents, friends and relations. Will run on some Sunday evenings. Numbers dependant. In the Squad end of the 25m pool, rules will be like Flippaball. You can even enter your own team including your kids.