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Fast5s Concepts

Waikato Water polo has pleasure in presenting its new game “Fast Fives” (F5). The game has been designed with a few specific outcomes in mind;

  • Small sided to both allow smaller (or new) schools, with smaller numbers of players to participate and existing Water Polo schools with greater numbers of player players, to split teams and compete to improve fitness and game IQ and
  • To remove stoppages and negative play that slows down games
  • To reward speed and skill over power and size
  • Allow boys and girls to play head to head with equal opportunity to do well.

Entries will cost $200 plus GST per team. The competition is anticipated to start Sunday 18th for intermediates and Monday 19th August for Secondary Schools (just some fun demo/learning games for those who are able to start straight away) and run until the end of the term – pool bookings allowing. Games will be mainly at Water World Te Rapa however if games are required to be at St Peters, these will be signalled well in advance in the draw.

To read the FAST FIVES overview document please click here

  • To enter teams in the Intermediate League (Sunday 2:00-5:pm) please click here
  • To enter teams in the Junior Secondary League (Monday 6:00-9:00pm) please click here

Note: slightly modified rules will be applied to intermediate league, who may not know all the FINA rules for Water Polo (all FINA rules still apply, FAST FIVES just modifies several of the FINA rules to change some aspects of the game).

To read the FAST FIVE rules please click here

For a full version of the FINA rules – 2019 Rules Click here


Waikato Water polo is also introducing the concept of a DRAFT, if a school does not have a team or needs additional players to have sufficient numbers to put in a team, the draft system can be used to match up players and teams.


  • A player must play for their own school if that school has a team, UNLESS specifically approved by both WWP and their school and only in exceptional circumstances.
  • Waikato Water Polo must approve all draft placements.

If necessary (and only if sufficient players are registered in the draft), Waikato Water Polo may assemble and manage/coach a “Combined Schools Team” on behalf of several schools so that no potential players miss out (costs would be borne by parents of those children rather than by a school or WWP).

To enter a player (or players) into the draft please Click Here