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Flippa Ball 2022

Welcome to Flippaball 2022 – Term 1

This event will be run during school term 1, 2022. We will play at:

  • Tamahere School Pool on Sundays

Covid19 rules require a vaccine pass which means that all players, management, referees, and spectators must be fully vaccinated, if required, and have a vaccine pass. We will be monitoring this rule and it will be the school’s responsibility to manage and ensure their teams, management and spectators comply.

Every player in a team must be registered as a student in Year 5 to Year 6 at the School they are representing, at the time of the match being played. The only exception is where Waikato Water Polo have officially placed players in another school’s team, in which case the players must be registered at a Waikato School that has not entered a team. 

No player may wear: jewellery, watches etc. while playing. All players must have their fingernails and toenails clipped as short as possible while playing. Nail checks will be done by the refs.

Team lists should be forwarded to Waikato Water Polo so that we have a listing in case of Covid19 requirements.


All players, officials and spectators must abide by the rules of Tamahere School and Waikato Water Polo as displayed on the website.

Points will be awarded as follows:

Win 4 points

Draw 2 points

Loss 0 points

Draw for the 10 April 2022

Point table for the 3 April 2022