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2020 Open Grade High School Results

Now that the competition has been cancelled the final results are:

Boys Ranking Girls Ranking Mixed
HBHS Maroon 1 HGHS Gold 1 Cambridge Mixed A
HBHS Red 2 HGHS Black 2 Fraser/Fairfield
HBHS Black 3 Waikato Dio 3 St Pauls Collegiate
Hillcrest 4 Sacred Heart Girls College 4 Hillcrest
St Johns Gold 5 Cambridge 5 Rototuna Junior High School
St Johns Blue 6 St Peters School 6 St Peters School
HBHS Grey 7 Hillcrest 7 Cambridge Mixed B
  8 Fairfield 8  
  9 HGHS Maroon 9  
  10 HGHS Lions 10  

There will be no individual awards this year.