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2021 Information for Open Grade High School Water Polo

This event will be run during school term 1, 2021. We will play at:

  • Te Rapa Pool between 6:00pm and 8:55pm on Monday and Wednesday; and
  • St Peters School Pool between 6:45pm and 8:45pm on Monday and Wednesday.

There will be no play during statutory and school holidays.

The fees for the competitions are $595 (inc GST) per team entered.

If you require training, please contact (Michelle) for times available.

Every player in a team must be registered as a student in Year 9 to Year 13 at the School they are representing, at the time of the match being played. The only exception is where Waikato Water Polo have officially placed players in another school’s team, in which case the players must be registered at a Waikato School that has not entered a team. If your school cannot enter a team, but has players interested in playing in a composite team, please note this in the comments field on the entry form at Waikato Water Polo will place players into other team solely at their discretion. Composite teams can win the championships.

If a team has fewer than 5 players for the start of a game, they will lose by default. A maximum of 12 players may play for the team in any one game, apart from when a team has a second goalie, and then 13 players may play. (Note: If a team has two goalies then those players identified as goalies may ONLY play in goal during the game). There is no maximum limit to the number of players who may play for a team over the course of the championships.

Players can only play for one team in each division of the competition. (eg If a School enters a Mixed/Boys team and Girls team, then girls may play in both teams, although boys cannot play for two teams in the boy’s division)

For the Open Secondary Schools championship/grading there will be a mixed/boys and girl’s division. (Waikato Water Polo reserves the right to adjust this to 3 divisions of Boys, Mixed and Girls. Schools will only be able to enter a maximum of two divisions)

No player may wear: jewellery, watches etc. while playing. All players must have their fingernails and toenails clipped as short as possible while playing. Nail checks will be done by the refs.

All teams will be required to complete the team list on the score sheet at least 10 minutes prior to the start of their game. Team Lists must be legible, correct as to cap numbers and display each player’s first and family names.

If possible, the Team lists should be forwarded to Waikato Water Polo so that names may be held for Covid19 purposes.

On the draw, the duty team will generally be the white caps of the game before, depending on games being played, and for the first game the blue team from the third game of the night will do table. The duty team must provide at least 4 people for duty (2 on table and 2 as goal judge), who need to be available prior to the commencement of the game, and to help put things away after the last game. Tuition in these duties will be provided by Waikato Water Polo if required. Points will be deducted for unsatisfactory execution of duty team duties.

All players, officials and spectators must abide by the rules of Te Rapa Pools, St Peters School and Waikato Water Polo as displayed on the website.

Points will be awarded in the Championships as follows:

Win                                                4 points

Draw                                              2 points

Loss by 3 goals or less                 1 point

Loss                                                0 points

Unsatisfactory execution of Duty Team duties – minus 2 points from the highest ranked team from that school.

The championship will be conducted in accordance with the rules of FINA and the New Zealand Water Polo Association, with the following specific exceptions:

Duration of Game Four periods of time as follows:

Open Secondary All Divisions:

  • Four quarters of 6:00 minutes running clock with a shot clock (depending on entries, this may be reduced to 5 minutes)
  • FINALS will be played with 5 minute quarters and shot and stop clock
  • Referees have the discretion of stopping the clock in the last minute of play in close games
  • 1 minute between 1st and 3rd quarter
  • 2 minutes half time
  • There will be NO timeouts in pool play

Disputes and protests must be in writing to the Waikato Water Polo appointed pool controller within 30 minutes of the completion of the game to which they relate. The disputes committee shall comprise: the appointed pool controller, a Waikato Water Polo committee member and one of the match referees. All refereeing decisions will stand, and no matches will be replayed, either in whole or part.