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Calling all Mums and Dads (and friends/relations) of Waterpolo players. We often get asked if we have anything for adults or we hear of people who would like to give it a try but don’t think they can swim/egg beat/throw a ball while trying to stay afloat. SO we are working on a new fun event.

MUM AND DAD Waterpolo

If we get sufficient entries, we will run a small flippaball competition the 50m pool (25m squad end) just for Mums and Dads.

It will be a set of modified rules in the shallow pool (stand on the bottom, swim between locations or while carrying the ball) a bit like flippaball but for Adults. We will allow you to play with your kids, but they can only swim, tread water, receive and pass (NOT score Goals), or the can play goalie. No real fitness is required and lifeguards will have the Defibrillator on hand, it’s really just some family fun in the water.

No Speedos, you can wear anything water-world allows in the pool (they have a list on the wall)

It will be reffed by our club refs and is sure to be a great laugh and some family fun.

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We will probably only run it 3-4 times over the term (resource limits), but if feedback is good, then we will look at where we take it in the future.