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Due to a recent change in FINA junior and youth (under 20 and below) rules, NZWP will be applying rule changes to multiple competitions and events. Some of these changes are listed below.

Furthermore, NZWP will be changing and clarifying a few other rules for our domestic competitions as well. Phase 1 will include the changes to senior schools competitions, but only for those competitions run by NZWP. Phase 2 will follow towards the end of January as NZWP will need some more time discussing the implications of these rule changes before making them public.

In short:

Senior Secondary schools national competitions 

  • will be played in a seven (7) a side format
  • will be played with a size five (5) ball for boys’ senior games
  • will be played with a size four (4) ball for girls’ senior and boys/girls junior games
  • will be played with up to thirteen (13) players per team per game (thirteen including two designated goalkeepers, a maximum of twelve without two designated goalkeepers)

Rule applications in regards to Club grades U21/U18/U16/U14 and U12 as well as Intermediate schools water polo will be published as part of Phase 2 before the 31st of January 2017.

See the below link for the detailed changes.

2017 Major Rule Changes for NZWP competitions phase 1