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Waikato Water Polo Fundraising Policy

  • All orders must go through the co-ordinator.
  • All payments must be received at time of order. No product will be given until payment has cleared.
  • Although order dates may be set, an order may be delayed if the required minimum order hasn’t been met.
  • Funding may be allocated in one of 4 ways:
    • directly to the person doing the fundraising
    • Or at the discretion of the fundraiser it may:
      • go to another player
      • go to another team
      • go to another squad.
  • Fundraising can only be used to pay for tournament expenses and Waikato Water Polo run programmes. It cannot be used for school expenses or personal use.
  • If fundraising has been gifted to a team or squad it is to be used across team related expenses as the coach, manager and Club see fit.
  • Should a player be involved in NZ water polo programmes, the fundraising can be used to reduce the cost of NZ/RTC trainings, tournaments etc.
  • There will be no cash payouts. No fundraising can be paid out to a player, e.g.: if their account is in credit from fundraising and they leave water polo the fundraising will then be distributed to the squad they were involved in.
  • The Committee may make allowances on a case by case basis. These need to be put in writing to the committee.