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Waikato Age Group Teams Registration

Age Group Team Registrations - 2021

Registrations for Waikato Water Polo Age Group teams
  • 2022 Waikato Water Polo Age Group Team Program

    2022 is looking to be an exciting & full year for all age groups, including our Senior Men & Women with Waikato hosting a number of NZWP events as well as our own.
  • We will notify all registered players when their appropriate muster will be held. Registration does not guarantee a place in any Tournament teams (this will be dependent on the ​number of teams and player numbers, type of tournament (Dev or Comp), etc. However YOU MUST be registered to be considered for selection for a team.
  • All registered players will be invoiced the Waikato Water Polo Registration Fee (to be confirmed at the AGM). This fee covers, coaching and scheduled training times. Training may be both deep water and swim training. However, it is likely that we will also run separate Swim for Polo sessions. Tournaments and any extra training sessions/trips will be at additional cost. This registration fee is payable once 3 or more trainings have been attended, whether you are selected for a team or not.
  • Players Details

  • Eligibility is based on your age as at 00:00.01 on 1st of January each year. i.e. if you turn 12 on 31st December you are under 14, but if you turn 12 on 1 January, you can still play under 12's for the year. In limited circumstances, ​players can play up (ie play U14 and U16), please register here for your correct age program. Do not register for other age groups, your coaches will identify you if they feel you are able to play in an older age group.
  • Please enter all ethnicities that you identify with
  • Please list any medical conditions or food allergies that we should be aware of (these will be treated as confidential).
  • Please Note: While all special requests will be considered, we cannot promise they will be forefilled.
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Click here to read the Waikato Waterpolo Fees Policy