Our Vision

At Waikato Water Polo, our vision is centered around inclusiveness, support, and growth. We are dedicated to expanding the reach of water polo throughout the Waikato region, creating a welcoming environment where everyone—from seasoned athletes to those just discovering the sport—can thrive.

Our goal is twofold: to provide a platform for competitive excellence, nurturing talented players and age group teams to compete at the national level, while also fostering a community where individuals of all backgrounds and abilities can enjoy the game for the sheer love of it.

We pride ourselves on catering to a diverse range of students, offering leagues, club teams, and programs tailored to accommodate players of all levels, ages, and abilities. Whether you're a seasoned competitor looking to test your skills on the national stage or someone simply seeking a supportive environment to play for fun, Waikato Water Polo is here to support your journey.

By embracing inclusivity, nurturing talent, and fostering a supportive community, we aim to not only grow the sport of water polo but also to enrich the lives of all who participate. Join us in our mission to make waves, both in the pool and beyond.

2024 Waikato Waterpolo Registrations