Team Selection Policy


The primary objective of the selection policy is to ensure fair and transparent selection of athletes for Waikato Water Polo age group sides. The policy aims to create an inclusive environment that values talent, skill, dedication, and sportsmanship, while promoting teamwork and competitive spirit. We encourage open and honest communication before, during and after between coaches and family and wish to maintain a level of integrity that instils pride in the club. 

Generic information

Game time at tournaments is at the discretion of the team Head Coach. 

The top team in each grade shall have a performance focus. The second and subsequent teams in each grade shall have a development focus. 

Though attendance at trials is compulsory, Waikato Water Polo appreciates that due to circumstances outside of a player’s control this is not possible. In these

circumstances the player and/or their parent/caregiver must give the team selection staff as much warning as reasonably possible. In such an instance, the team selection staff will make their decision based on existing knowledge of the player’s experience and ability, in consultation with previous coaches (where possible).


  1. All players registered as Waikato Water Polo club members are eligible to participate in the selection process for any team which they are of age to participate. This means that players who are not in the age group can be considered for selection - an U14 can be eligible to play U16s as an example.
  2. Athletes must meet New Zealand Water Polo eligibility requirements. 
  3. Athletes should possess a satisfactory attendance record with satisfactory behaviour in squad training prior to final trials and selection.

Selection Committee

  1. A selection committee will be formed of 3 coaches comprising the relevant age group head and assistant coaches as well as one other, independent club coach. 
  2. The committee will be responsible for evaluating and selecting the team members based on predefined criteria which will be communicated to athletes earlier in the season.
  3. The committee members should have a sound understanding of the specific sport, selection principles, and ethical considerations.

Selection Criteria

  1. Skill and Ability: Athletes will be evaluated based on their technical skills, tactical awareness, physical fitness, and overall Water Polo ability as decided by the coaching staff & selection committee. 
  2. Performance and Potential: The committee will assess the athletes' past performance in school competitions, representative matches, and other relevant events. They will also consider the potential for growth and improvement.
  3. Attitude and Sportsmanship: The committee will evaluate the athletes' attitude towards training, commitment, teamwork, and their display of good sportsmanship both on and off the field.
  4. Coachability: The committee will consider the athletes' ability to receive and implement feedback from coaches, and their willingness to learn and develop their skills.

Selection Process

  1. Announcement: The club and head coach of the team will publicize the commencement of the selection process at least 10 weeks prior to the tournament in question, providing athletes with the necessary information, including the date, time, and venue of trials.
  2. Trials: Trials will be conducted under the supervision of the selection committee, following fair and standardized procedures.
  3. Performance Evaluation: The committee will observe and assess the athletes' performance during trials, considering the selection criteria mentioned.
  4. Consultation: The committee members will discuss and deliberate on the selection, taking into account the performance evaluations, coaches' inputs, and any additional information relevant to the athletes.
  5. Selection Announcement: The selected athletes will be announced publicly within one week of the trial process, ensuring confidentiality and sensitivity towards those not chosen.
  6. Feedback: The committee/coach will provide feedback to athletes who were not selected, highlighting areas for improvement and offering guidance for future development. Should athletes wish for a one on one with coaching staff for feedback this should be arranged. 

Appeals and Disputes

  1. Any athlete who wishes to appeal the selection decision may do so via written email to the Waikato Water Polo technical committee. Any appeal must be supported by valid reasons.
  2. Appeals must be made within a week of the selection being made public. 
  3. The technical committee will review the appeal and make a final decision, which will be binding. Should any of the Technical committee have a direct conflict of interest, they will step aside to be replaced by another impartial club member. 

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