Splash Polo

Splash Polo is part of the Waikato Water Polo League for primary school-aged children. The league caters for Years 3-6. 
The game of Splash Polo is a beginner's version of water polo for young kids wanting to get in the pool and have some fun, learn new skills and make new friends. The game has different names in other regions and internationally dependent on the country, but all are played very similarly.....so don't get confused if you know the game of Splash Polo under a different name. 
Our league attracts schools throughout the Waikato. 
The game of Splash Polo has continued to grow in popularity year on year. In Term 1 2024, our league had 31 schools compete. 
If your child:

  • Loves being in the water
  • Enjoy making new friends
  • Likes ball sports and wants to try something in the water
  • Try something new

Then Splash Polo is the sport for them. The sport is great for building water confidence, learning new ball skills, and learning to swim and be safe around water, all whilst being in a shallow pool. 

Games are played in Term 1 and Term 4 of the school year. 

Registrations for Splash Polo are taken through your local school. 

If you have any questions about Splash Polo, please reach out to to the club. admin@waikatowaterpolo.co.nz

Why should my child choose Splash Polo?

Activity - Playing in the water is fun and the game of Splash Polo gives your child the option of playing a ball sport in the water. Children all sizes love the game and it is an easy way for children to become active in our community. 

Team Work - Splash Polo is a team sport, so helps children to understand how to play in a team, so that different children with different skills can work together to achieve a goal. 

Ball Skills - Passing, catching and coordination are basic building blocks for playing many ball sports. Splash Polo helps enhance these skills, in a fun way for children to learn and reinforce a skill that is fundamental and transferable. 

Swimming - Swimming is a core skill for the game of Splash Polo. Don't worry, you don't have to be "the best" at swimming, just confident enough to try. The game is held in a swallow pool, so all children can touch the bottom. Splash Polo gets children into the water and has fun. Swimming is part of the activity and the better you swim the better the children can play. This is a fun sport to get children into the pool and learn and practice swimming.

Water Confidence - Splash Polo gives children water confidence. Splash Polo is a fun way for children to feel comfortable in the water. Once they are confident, they can go in to many other aquatic sports. 

2024 Waikato Waterpolo Registrations