Splash Polo - It's all about the Golden Goal!

9 Apr

Over Term 1 2024, the Splash Polo league had many great games played on a Sunday. The league had become so successful, that there were games right throughout the day to fit all 31 teams in! 

We want to thank many people, who could make this such a successful season. 

A very special mention to the Tū Manawa fund! We received an incredible grant before Term 4 2023 which has hugely helped us grow the sport over the last 2 seasons. This has helped us to lower fees to make the sport a lot more accessible, purchasing more equipment such as goals, balls and caps, allowing us to grow our referee base even further and have the facilities to run the volume of games we've had so everyone gets to enjoy this amazing sport as much I do! 

There are a few more groups the club would like to give thanks.

  • Hillcrest Normal School for the use of their pool, we have loved using this venue again, and I hope we can continue the relationship we have with the school in the coming seasons.
  • Our WWP Senior Women and x4 WWP U16 Men NZ representives for running the BBQ over the season (and those who have supported these).
  • Shaun from Hillcrest who has also put a large amount of time into working alongside our Coordinator Victoria to ensure we can run the best possible sports league we can.
  • And finally, all the refs and lifeguards who without them we wouldn't have been able to run these games for the players to be involved in!

We'd like to celebrate all teams for an exceptional season and look forward to starting up the league again in Term 4 2024.

Division 1

1st - CES Stingrays
2nd - Tamahere Torpedos
3rd - Tamahere Sharks
Boy MVP - Fletcher Clancy (CES Stingrays)
Girl MVPs - Olivia and Chloe Aviles-Young (Tamahere Torpedos)

Division 2

1st - TK Sharks (won off Golden Goal)
2nd - St Josephs Stingrays
3rd - Matangi Marlins
Boy MVP - Landon Phoenix (TK Sharks)
Girl MVP - Frankie Flynmore (St Josephs Stingrays)

Division 3

1st - Rototuna Rapids
2nd - Te Rapa Shooters
3rd - Hukanui Orcas
Boy MVP - Mason Beale (Te Rapa Shooters)
Girl MVP - Indie Gallagher (Rototuna Rapids)

Year 3/4

Division1st - Matangi Barracudas
2nd - Matangi Dolphins
3rd - Tamahere Seals
Boy MVP - Noah Ward (Matangi Dolphins)
Girl MVP - Alice Meertens (Matangi Barracudas) 

Congratulations to everyone who placed, players who received MVP awards and the rest of the Splash Polo teams for all your hard work throughout the season! 

2024 Waikato Waterpolo Registrations